Expert Reports and Testimony

After almost thirty years of collecting experiences in a broad range of settings and projects as a professional, I ventured into my first case as an expert witness in 2001. Since then I have been involved in over sixty more cases, and find that I enjoy the work. Sifting through depositions for meaningful testimony, or through repositories for significant documentation is much like a treasure hunt. I have the patience for it. I don’t discriminate as to plaintiff or defense work. The facts are the facts. My job is to be thorough in investigating the facts. Be sure I know what the facts are. Draw conclusions and develop opinions based on all the facts. Then sort and organize the facts and my conclusions and opinions in a logical and understandable way. Tell the story that the facts reveal. Usually that is in a written report. I take pride in writing reports which are well illustrated with helpful graphics and schedules where appropriate. Since most cases settle before trial, I have only had to testify a half dozen times in support of my opinions. I try to do it in a credible and convincing fashion.